We are ready to do what we need

My brothers,

Thank you so much to the nine brothers who assisted me last week in calling every member of our lodge with a telephone number on file. If you did not receive a call or a message last week please reach out to update your info.

It was reassuring to hear that nearly all of the brothers we spoke to were in both good spirits and good health. Some shared with us their concerns of family members with existing medical conditions they are no longer allowed to visit in the hospital. I have added a few of them to the prayer list.

On Thursday, I received a call back from our Bro. Raoul Crudeli, currently living under quarantine in Italy sixty miles northeast of Venice in the province of Udine. “We are very sad and don’t know what is the next day,” he told me, “We are ready to do what we need but we cannot see the enemy.”

As we enter into our second week of restricted masonic activity and a likely announcement of “shelter in place” from Governor Hogan on Monday morning, things are not easy for any of us. I share Bro. Crudeli’s frustration that we are ready to do what is needed against an invisible threat, but it’s not year clear what those needs may be.

It is my mission during this time and my term as master to make sure that every brother is remembered and included, no matter their situation or location. I hope you will all join our weekly video/conference call on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and share your experience, concerns, and brotherly love, and never hesitate to reach out to myself or a brother if you need assistance.

Yours Fraternally,
Rob Carlson
Worshipful Master

corinthian@home Schedule

Monday 3/23 – Call a Friend

Take a few moments today to call a family, friend, or a brother and remind them that you are thinking of them and it is natural to be anxious in times like this.

Wednesday 3/25 – Open Conference Call

Please join me at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time for a video conference to discuss what steps we are taking to keep our families safe during this time and how we can work to get through this time together. You can join from either your phone or computer. Family and friends are welcome.

Join Zoom Meeting

Or call (301) 715-8592
and use code 401 714 7928
One tap mobile: +13017158592,,4017147928#

Wednesday 4/1 – Call Chain to All Brothers

Instead of rehearsal we will be dividing up the lodge directory and reaching out to all our brothers by telephone to make contact with everyone during this pandemic.

Our Tenets in a Time of Crisis

“In the end, it will be impossible to know if we overreacted or did too much, but it will be quite apparent if we under reacted or did too little.”

Darrin Peppard, West Grand Colorado Superintendent of Schools

My Brothers,

Freemasonry does not begin and end in the lodge room. That point is repeated so often in our ritual and studies that it should be impossible to miss.

Brotherly love is essentially necessary to making our way through this pandemic with a minimal loss of life. Please understand that when you follow the instructions of our governors and leaders to avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others during this time you are not doing it for yourself, but for all your fellow human beings. This is a test of our selflessness we as masons must take as seriously as possible.

The need for relief will come soon. We are only in the beginning stages of what is generally agreed to be a fundamental change in our daily lives. Some of us have the resources to weather this storm. Many of us, our friends, our neighbors, will not. Entire industries will be up-ended and we will be called on to help those in need. This will take forms which we can not even imagine today. We must prepare ourselves now to bring comfort to those most affected.

Truth is a sad casualty of our political environment and 24-hour media world of today. As masons we must be true stewards of the truth. You will hear rumors about COVID-19 which place blame at the feet of certain ethnic groups, or propose that this disease is a scam or overblown in spite of evidence provided by epidemiologists and other experts. People will downplay the risks or undermine the seriousness of this pandemic. These rumors must not be repeated by masons, because they—by their very nature—affect the poor, underprivileged and those most vulnerable to this illness.

Yours Fraternally,
Rob Carlson
Worshipful Master

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