Hello Brothers, Well my Brothers, this will be my last Trestle from East. It was with great pleasure to say Brother Joe has finished exemplifying the three degrees of Masonry as well as passed his law exam. Congratulations to you Brother SW as you make the final journey on election night to becoming Worship Master-Elect. I k now the lodge is very good hands with you as its new Worshipful Master. I like to start off by thanking all officers for all their hard work for past three years. The main goal of these past three years was moved our lodge forward and getting out into our community to let them know about our wonderful lodge. I had wonderful time working with Officers of this lodge. These officers have shown their love for our wonderful fraternity and I know going forward the lodge is in very place and the future is bright with these fine officers leading the way. I would like to also thank my wife Marisa for allowing me to be Worshipful Master these past three years. I also want to thank her for all her support during that time. On Nov 2nd, we will be having our regular communication starting at 7:30 pm; we will be going over items of to be voted on at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication. There will be light refreshments served after the meeting. The lodge will be set at ease so that Daughters of Bethel #36 can perform ceremony for us to see. Afterwards we will restart our meeting. On Dec 7th, we will be having our regular communication starting at 7:30 pm, will be having our Election of Officers for 2017. The lodge will go over results of Annual Communication of Grand Lodge of Maryland. We will be having guest speaker from Tall Cedar of Lebanon talking to us about Tall Cedars. I like to wish every Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah as well as Happy New Year, to all brothers and families during this joyous time of the year. Sincerely and Fraternally, Les Hodgson PM Worshipful Master