From The East

I believe it’s the duty of leaders, like Worshipful Masters, to impart some wisdom or “lessons-learned” to their teams. I’m overdue in that responsibility. Sometimes I think I know all there is about lead-ership, but in truth being Worshipful Master of Corinthian Lodge #93 has been among the greatest challenges and honors of my life.
I’d like to share my “elevator speech,” that short opportunity to sell Freemasonry to someone – like a stranger you might meet on an ele-vator. Recruiting shouldn’t make up a large portion of your Masonic experience, but it is a necessary evil to keep our Fraternity healthy. I believe most men join the Craft for three reasons, which I follow up with sincere, personal examples.

First is our connection to history. We can list a large number of im-portant historical figures who are Masons, but what is your connection? If an interested gentleman has a family connec-tion to Masonry, it’s self-explanatory. For me, one of the things I discuss is my 2017 challenge coin to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England. That coin is in the possession of VIP’s like our Grand Master, one sits in the Mary-land Masonic Museum next to items used by George Washington, and in our Lodge’s own displays next to 160-year-old gavels. What is your connection?

Second is our connection to each other and our community; this is why I joined. Think of all the men you met because of your member-ship. When you become Worshipful Master, you’ll meet even more through leadership training, law school, Past Masters’ Association, etc. I speak of a time I sat in a lodge in London, and instantly had 30 new friends that I would never have met otherwise. Don’t forget Corinthian’s accomplishment: raising a class which included brothers of three religions. Many men of my generation value shared spiritu-ality.

Third is our contributions to charity. During my pitch I discuss Corinthian’s recent financial donations to The Red Devils, as well as opportunities to volunteer with them as well. You can expand by discussing Tall Cedar’s support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Scottish Rite Child Speech Therapy,
Shriners Hospitals, etc. I find something in those three categories attracts most interested men.

On March 7, we will welcome Mr. Edward Heimiller, curator of The Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr. Memorial Library and Museum to present “Revealing Fraternal Secrets: Establishing a Masonic Treatise for Frater-nal Design.” We may continue discussions on bylaw changes.

I’ve requested dispensation for a special meeting on March 21 to take up the GMW and vote on the petition of Bardia Mojra, a software engi-neer at Black & Decker. I’ve requested a relaxed dress code of busi-ness casual for that meeting. I expect that meeting to be short enough to be followed by a rehearsal in the FC degree.
On March 28, I anticipate conferring the EA degree on Mr. Mojra pend-ing dispensation and a favorable vote.

The West Towson Neighborhood Association is holding their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 31. Help us hide eggs for the As-sociation and mingle with our neighbors. This is a fun and successful way to hold our annual open house! Your children are welcome to participate in the hunt if you bring plastic eggs filled with small treats. We will start around 8:00AM and go no later than 11:00AM. Dress is casual, wear a Corinthian shirt if you have one. It’s at the Bykota Senior Center at 611 Central Avenue, 21204, not far from the Temple.

The Easter Egg hunt will give us an opportunity to invite our neighbors to our fundraiser at Chili’s Grill and Bar on Tuesday, April 3. On that day, go to Chili’s, 9615 Deereco Road, 21093 and tell them you’re there for our fundraiser. The Corinthian Lodge Foundation will get 10% of your check donated back from Chili’s! It’s an easy way to help good causes. Keep an eye out for our flyer, and spread the word!

Our meeting on April 4 will begin at 7:00PM sharp. We intend to con-fer the Fellow Craft degree on eight men!
We have a Child Identification Program event at the YMCA on April 21 from 10:00AM-1:00PM. The YMCA requests our services, and Corinthian is among the best CHIP per-formers in Maryland. We need your help to maintain our excellent reputation. It’s easy and many hands make light work.

Sat Mar 3—Atlantic City Day Trip

March 7 Mr. Heimiller will be giving ttalk on Stephen J Ponzillo Jr. Memorial Library

March 21 Special Meeting vote on petition of Bardia Mojra

Upcoming Events
Waiting—EA: 7 / FC: 0/ MM: 0—Balloting: 1 —Petitions Pending: 0—Members: 184

March 28 regular meeting Conferring EA degree on Mr. Mojra.
March 31 Easter Egg Hunt w/ West Towson Association
April 4 meeting 7pm Fellow Craft on 5 Worthy Brothers
April 21 CHIP event at Y in Towson 10 am to 1pm
April 25 Fellow Craft catechism

Latest updated events:

Corinthian Lodge #93 A.F. & A.M.
Meeting the 1st and/or 4th Wednesday of every month except July and August
507 West Chesapeake Ave. Towson, Maryland (443) 377-1687 Mar/Apr 2018

Corinthian Lodge #93 2018 Officers
Worshipful Master

Joseph E. Creamer
211 East Burke Av
Towson, MD 21286

Senior Warden
Charles D. Fuller
19 Maryland Ave.
Towson, MD 21286

Junior Warden
W. Scott Schulte
8518 Gradien Drive
Baltimore, MD 21236

Leslie G. Hodgson, PM
8909 Carlisle Avenue
Nottingham, MD 21236

Roy M. Hodgson, PM
851 Hartman Ave.
Hanover, PA 17331

Membership Chairman
Robert W. Carlson
9103 Covered Bridge Rd.
Parkville, MD 21234

David Witherspoon, PM
Michael T. Cantrell
Joseph F. Frank, Jr.

Senior & Junior Deacons
W. Donald Long, IV
Joseph F. Frank, Jr.
Senior & Jr. Stewards
Brandon Coonfield
Courtenay Moon

Christopher D. Moy

Christopher Eder

Julius H. Poston, Jr., PM

John C. H. Reiter, PM

Charitable Foundation
Chairman: Joe Frank Jr.
Vice Chair: Scott Schulte
Sec.: Michael Cantrell

Grand Inspector
Matthaios Roussos, PM

Grand Lecturer
Scott E. Roberts, PM

On April 25, I hope to conduct a FC catechism and have a presentation from a Masonic appendant body and/or youth group. The exact agenda is TBD.
Have a great spring!
-Joe Creamer, WM

From The Charitable Foundation
The Corinthian Lodge Charitable Foundation is accepting tax deductible donations. The Foundation is designated with the IRS as a non-profit organization and as such provides you with the opportunity to reduce your taxes by contributing to worthy causes. You can be assured and trust that your donation will be put to go use and impact organizations In need. If you would like specific information about how to add the Charitable Foun-dation to your estate planning of if you have any general ques-tions, please contact David T. Witherspoon PM at (443) 761-0393 or email Make a donation today by mailing a check payable to Corinthian Lodge Charitable foundation to the address below and a receipt will be sent to you for your records. Please mail checks to Corinthian Lodge Charitable Foundation C/O Les Hodgson 8909 Carlisle Ave Nottingham, MD 21236
Joe Frank Jr. (410) 804-4777 Chairman Charitable Foundation

As a reminder, Corinthian Lodge will not hold meetings, re-hearsals, or catechism class any day Baltimore County Schools are closed, or close early, due to inclement weather. If they open late, we will meet in the evening. Reach out to me or Secretary Hodgson if there is any doubt.

Surviving Past Masters
Ivan V. Dooley, 1963
Marion C. Schanze†, 1966
Samuel D. Hobbs, Jr.*, 1971
Charles H. Blimline*, 1972, ‘81
Leonard P. Grover*, 1973
Donald L. Titus†, 1974
George F. Payne, Jr., RWPJGW, PGI, 1976
Maberon F. Meadows, 1979
Albert M. Evans, Sr., 1980
Charles S. Myers, 1981
David H. Beach, 1982
Arlie Richard Taylor*, 1985
Peter D. Griffin*, 1986-’87
Norman F. Henthorn, Jr., 1986
Ronald A. Leard, 1989
I. Clyte Franklin, Jr., 1990
Howard E. Rollins, Sr., PGI, 1991
John C. H. Reiter, 1993
Steven M. Wysocki, 1994
Gary F. Templar, 1995-’96
Kenneth A. Shepke, 1997
Roy M. Hodgson, PGI, 1998, ‘04-06
Matthew R. McKaig, 2000-’01
Les G. Hodgson, PGI 2002-’03, ‘14-’16
Julius H. Poston, Jr.‡, 2002-’03
Ray Wingate, 2007-’08
Jason A. Danker, 2009 -’10
Donald C. Willard, ‡ 2011-’12
David T. Witherspoon, 2013
• #120 † #148 ‡ #183 ‡44

Masonic Birthdays
Your Masonic Birthday is the anniversary of your raising.
March & April
Clifford Mink 63 years,
Warren Bailey 61 years,
Benjamin Thompson Jr. 52 years,
Wayne Coulburn Jr 47 years.
Ronald Ward 46 years,
Henry Hauhn Jr 46 years.,
PM Albert Evans Sr 44 Years
Irvin Pannell 42 years,
Michael Furniere 41 Years,
Clyde Thomas 41 years, Albert Evans Jr
39 years, John Shiflett 38 years,
PM Peter Griffin 37 years,
Richard Lipford 36 years,
Leslie Udovich 35 years,
David Jones 28 years,
Michael Boston 28 years,
Jay Snivley 28 years,
Gregory Mon Sr, 21 years
Clarence Braecklein 64 years,
Austin Drummond 55 years, Carl Briscoe 53 years, Robert Briscoe 53 years, Melbourne
Miller Jr. 49 years, Robert Gostomski 45 years
Mabeeron Meadows PM 45 years, Allen Edens
44 years, Paul Huber 44 years, David Beach PM
43 years, George Burke 43 years, Thomas
Burnham Jr. 43 Years, Ronald Roberts 41 years,
Edward Brannock 41 years, David Bradshaw 40
Years, Anthony Loughry 39 years, Norman
Henthron Jr. PM 38 years, Richard Thompspn
38 years, Dean Bartch 37 years, Robert Bartch
37 years, Immor Franklin Jr. PM 37 years, Ed
Pitts Sr. 37 years, Richard Taylor Jr. 36 years,
John Reiter PM 31 years, John Shultz 27 years,
Gerald Hash 26 years Jerome Weber 26 years,
Kenneth Shepke PM 25 years,
John Abendschein 25 years, James Fields 25
Years, Frank Lipscomb 24 years, James Hall Jr
22 years, Michael Tumminello 21 years,
Odelon Garcia 18 years, Scott Robin-son
18 years