Hello Brothers,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer break. It’s time to get back into action with degree work. We had our Open House for this year. I’d like to thank all our Brothers who came out to support us in this effort.
Due to lack of tickets sales the Bus Trip to Elizabethtown PA on Sept 20th has been cancelled.

Congratulations go out to our 50 and 60 year service award winners Brother Gilbert Lookingland Sr. 50 years, Brother Maurice Park Sr. 50 years and Brother Charles Lehnert 60 years.

Brother SW Mark Coulbourne exemplifies Master Mason Degree at School of Instructions on Sept 24th. Please come out and support Brother SW as he takes his final step to becoming WM next year. Great Job Mark I
know you will do well on your exemplification.

Congratulations go out to Brother Joe Creamer breaking a personal best 8 concrete blocks during the Towson Town Fest.

Congratulations also to Brother Chris Moy on his 5k run with the Red Devils.

You three Brothers make Corinthian Lodge proud.

If anyone else has anything to share please let me know of your activities in the community so we can congratulate you as well.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Les Hodgson PM