It is with great humility that I write these, my first words from the east.  Our Lodge, founded in 1850, has been making masons and teaching friendship, morality and brotherly love nearly four-and-a-half times longer than I have been alive.  Generations of men have found the skill and wisdom to manage our Lodge’s affairs.  I hope you  will continue to help me demonstrate this same capacity.

I would be remiss if I did not thank, in particular, Past Masters George Payne (’76), John Reiter (’93), Roy Hodgson (’98 and ’04-’06), Ray Wingate (’07-’08), Jason Danker (’09-’10), and Don Willard (’11-’12).  Each of these fine gentlemen have gone on foot, kept my secrets, stretched forth a hand, whispered good counsel and, particularly in Don’s case as i now relieve him, offered up devotions to Almighty God, on my behalf.

As part of my stewardship  I feel obliged to mention the Lodge’s finances.  We are fortunate to have some level of savings that have passed to our care.  However, we must acknowledge that our current operating cost structure and zeal for charitable giving is not suported by our annual revenues.  While Lodge business shall continue to be confined behind the Tyler’s door, I must inform you that we are considering how to best remedy this situation.  We are, naturally, first turning our attention to managing costs.  I hope to hear your thoughts on the matter in Lodge.

Fraternally yours,

David T. Witherspoon

Worshipful Master