Greetings Brethren,

It certainly is hard to believe this will likely be my last message from the East, assuming SW Dave Witherspoon is elected Worshipful Master in December.  In some ways I thought this day would never come, but in many others the time has flown by.

Allow me to again say what an honor it has been to serve you these past two terms.  Though Worshipful Masters usually serve one term, anyone who has served can tell you the first one can seem overwhelming.  Being certified proficient to serve is sort of like getting your driver’s license; you may be legal, but it sure is scary!  As you sit in the East the first time, you want to say. “Why is everybody looking at me?”  Then before you know it, it becomes second nature and your first time comes to a close.  Now I move on to join a long line of Past Masters who have served our wonderful lodge.

On to the news: Corinthian Lodge will again honor our Past Masters, at our meeting on November 9.  This year we will resume the tradition of laboring on two worth Brothers, conferring the Fellowcraft Degree on Brothers Moon and Creamer.  Pending dispensation, we will call on at 7:00 PM that evening.

Then on Election Night December 14, we will raise these Brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  Pending dispensation, we will again call on at 7:00 pm, and divide the lecture by Past Masters.  Please come out to support these new Masons, and join in the degree work if you choose.

In closing it has been my fervent wish to honorably serve you, and I have strived to improve our lodge to the best of my abilities.  Hopefully our lodge will continue serving our community for many generations.  On behalf of our officers, I wish you the most joyous of holidays.

Fraternally yours,

Donald c. Willard

Worshipful Master