In November our Corinthian Lodge turns 165. I hope everyone will take the time to reflect on this milestone.

In December the lodge will be having elections of Officers for 2016. I want to thank the officers for all their hard work this year. We had wonderful time getting out in the community and showing our lodge pride. I had wonderful time these past two years being Worshipful Master of Corinthian Lodge. It was with great pride that I could serve Corinthian Lodge as Worshipful Master in 2014 and 2015. These last two years have been amazing. I see the pride our Officers take in serving our members.

Brother PM David Sandy from Mt Moriah Lodge #116, will be speaking on Collars, IQ Test, oblong Square and bees in our meeting in December. I hope that the lodge will have many Brothers in attendance as possible.

I would ask that if anyone of our Brothers who have not attended awhile to please come out and support your lodge. We have young member who are looking for mentors to help understand the history as well as symbolism of what it mean to be Mason. I hope the very best for our newly lodge leaders in 2016 and that the lodge will continue with more community activities in hopes of attracting more potential candidates.

Please note the secretary’s note on the Maryland Masonic Membership Manager. We are currently in the process of updating your records with the grand lodge but this is now something you can do yourself.

Brothers please check your dues cards, if you do not have 2015 dues card, you are in jeopardy of being suspended from the lodge. Please mail in your dues if you have not already done so already.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Les Hodgson PM
Worshipful Master