It is with great humility and honor I greet you for the very first time from the East. Being elected Worshipful Master of your Lodge is truly a high point of my Masonic life. With the help of my officers, past masters, committee chairmen and other volunteers I hope to prove worthy of this distinction. We look forward to a busy and productive year ahead, with a lots of opportunities to meet as brethren.


For the first time in decades Corinthian Lodge #93 will have regular communications bimonthly. This change is not only in anticipation of an influx of petitions keeping us busy, but also to foster greater fellowship and fun. We are looking forward to several open meetings this year, with covered dish dinners so we can get to know each other’s families as well.


Though Corinthian Lodge has been meeting continuously ever since 1850, I like to think of it as continually evolving. In keeping with modern communications, please feel free to contact me anytime by email at or on my cell phone at 410-652-2494. I’d sincerely like to hear from anyone who has suggestions on making our lodge better. If you have not attended a meeting in a while. I’d like to know what we can do to entice you to return.


For some time our lodge has been focused on ritual, and last year’s Lodge Leadership Seminar it was discussed that only 10% of members join lodges for that reason. We are adding more meetings in the hope of giving the other 90% a reason to attend. If there are topics for meetings you’d be interested in, please let me know.




Donald C. Willard
Worshipful Master