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In 1850, Millard Fillmore is President of the United States. He begins his political career in 1828 as a member of the Anti-Masonic Party.

The flag of our country in 1850 flies with 30 stars, as it has since 1848. Although California is added to the Union as the 31st State in 1850 under the infamous Compromise of 1850, the 31-star flag will not be our flag until July 4, 1851.

Despite the Compromise, tensions between North and South remain high. Such is the national political climate when Corinthian Lodge is being formed.

The history of Corinthian Lodge begins with Warren Lodge No. 51. (Warren Lodge, itself, has an extremely interesting early history which you can read about HERE.)

On October 8, 1850, five Warren Lodge members receive a petition of resignation in order to organize a new lodge. They had asked for a dispensation for such action from Grand Master Charles Ohr on September 22, 1850. Accordingly, under the dispensation, the brothers assemble at the original Masonic Temple on St. Paul Street and Lexington Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland, where they organize a new lodge on October 9, 1850. Brother Daniel Piper P.S.G.W. is elected Worshipful Master.

The new lodge adopts its bylaws and on November 18, 1850, at the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Maryland, submits a petition for a charter which is granted and presented the following evening, thus establishing the legally constituted Corinthian Lodge No. 93 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons on November 19, 1850.

The following are some brief highlights of the years that followed:


December 27, 1850  The new lodge receives its first petition for initiation.

June 11, 1851  Brother John N. McJilton (pictured at left) is elected Worshipful Master. An Episcopal minister and later superintendent of Baltimore City Schools and the founder of the Maryland Institution, he is elected Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Maryland on November 18, 1862.



September 8, 1852  James McKenney petitions the lodge. He later is elected Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Maryland in 1856.

March 9, 1866  The lodge subscribes with 50 shares of stock for the erection of a new Masonic Temple on Charles Street.

May 25, 1866  Four Corinthian brothers are granted demits to assist in the organization of Pythagoras Lodge No. 123 which is chartered on May 14, 1866.

September 13, 1867  The lodge participates in the dedication of the Antietam Battlefield Cemetery in Sharpsburg, Maryland (picture at right).



October 17, 1867  The lodge participates in the laying of the cornerstone of the new Baltimore City Hall at Fayette and Lexington Streets (at left).



November 20, 1867  The lodge assists in the laying of the cornerstone of the new Masonic Temple on Charles Street.

June 25, 1869  The lodge holds its first meeting in the new Temple on Charles Street in Baltimore City (pictured at right).

For an informative history of the Grand Lodge building, now The Grand, visit HERE

January 28, 1870  Brother John Kirwin and seven other brothers are granted demits to assist in the organization of Mount Vernon Lodge #151. Brother Kirwin becomes their first Worshipful Master.

November 19, 1875  The lodge celebrates its 25th anniversary with a social reunion.

May 12, 1887  Corinthian Lodge marches in the parade celebrating the centennial of the Grand Lodge of Maryland.

December 25, 1890  The lodge loses many valuable records when the Charles Street Temple is destroyed by fire (picture at left). Only Concordia Lodge's records make it out intact. Corinthian Lodge continues to meet, using the old U.S. Court House at Fayette and North Streets. The lodge resumes their meetings on Charles Street after the Second Masonic Temple is restored on the same site as the original Temple.

November 22, 1900  The members celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lodge.

February 12, 1908  The Masonic Temple is destroyed a second time by fire. Corinthian Lodge continues its meetings in various locations until the new Temple is completed in November 1909.

February 14, 1912  Corinthian Lodge proposes meeting on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in the Roman Room of the new Masonic Temple. The proposal is adopted on February 28, 1912. The lodge will continue meeting there and at that time for the next 84 years.


November 27, 1925  The brethren celebrate the lodge's 75th anniversary.

June 4, 1938  The new chapel at Bonnie Blink is dedicated. Corinthian Lodge presents the pulpit and lectern. (Photo is of Bonnie Blink in 1935.)

November 19, 1950  The lodge celebrates it’s 100th anniversary.

1982  The lodge grows in size when Kedron Lodge No. 148 merges with Corinthian No. 93.

1996  Corinthian Lodge ends it’s 146 year history in Baltimore when the Grand Lodge of Maryland moves to Cockeysville (picture at left). Corinthian Lodge also relocates to Cockeysville, meeting in the new Grand Lodge building.

1997  The lodge expands it’s membership again when Maryland Lodge No. 120 decides to merge with Corinthian Lodge.

2000  The lodge ushers in it’s 150th year with an anniversary celebration.


2001  Corinthian Lodge proposes moving its meetings to the Towson Masonic Temple in Towson, Maryland (shown at right). The proposal is adopted.

2010  The lodge celebrates it’s 160th anniversary.

April 2011  Corinthian Lodge participates in the first “Masonic Open House” in Maryland history.


2016  The lodge changes its regular meeting schedule to the 1st and 4th Wednesdays of the month.

October 4, 2017  Corinthian Lodge initiates a class of five brothers including men of Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith.


2020 – 2021  The Covid Pandemic Years 

Despite pandemic restrictions, the lodge continues to adapt and find ways to safely continue Masonic business and raise new Masons.


July 23, 2022  With the help of the Knights of Mecca, Corinthian Lodge raises a class of nine brothers— all on the same day, to the sublime degree of Master Mason. The picture at left is of the lodge officers, brother members and "The Nine," who are holding up a white marble.



November 19, 2022  At the annual Grand Lodge of Maryland Communication, due to the participation of many brothers, and under the organizational leadership of Joe Creamer, PM, Corinthian Lodge is one of nine Maryland lodges to receive the 2022 Grand Master's Award, given for exceptional activity and service. JW Justin Fuller (second from right) receives the award on behalf of WM Joe Frank.

In 2025, we will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of the chartering of Corinthian Lodge No. 93. A lot of fun things and activities are in the works. We hope many of you are able to celebrate with us!